These attractions have easy walks through rainforest pockets, along spring-fed creeks and through tropical woodland areas.  The plunge pool at the base of the falls and the many rock pools along the creek offer the walker opportunities to swim in crystal-clear water.

Buley Rockhole

Buley Rockhole is located where Florence Creek starts its journey at the base of the primary plateau of the Tabletop Range.  The creek flows across the secondary plateau where it drops into the valley (Florence Falls) on its way to join the Finniss River.  

The name given to this attraction is a mystery.  One story is when the road construction crews used it as a source of water, a water truck driver who used this area was nicknamed Buley (sounds like a good Aussie yarn).

At Buley Rockhole a short loop walk starts at the car park leading to a series of rock pools along the creek. Toilets are provided in the car park.

Buley Rockhole
Buley Rockhole during the wet season

Florence Falls

The origin of the name is unclear, but one belief is Goyder’s party of land surveyors named Florence Falls in 1869 only a few weeks after their arrival in Port Darwin.  It is the only major waterfall on the eastern face of the Tabletop Range although many small creeks flow off this side of the range.

Lookout Walk:  300 metres one way.  5 minute walk from car park

A short walk from the car park brings you to a lookout over the gorge with excellent views of Florence Falls and the contrast between the wet monsoon forest and the dry sandstone plateau.

Plunge Pool Walk: 800 metres one way. 15 minute walk from car park

This walk starts at the lookout and follows the gorge rim to a series of stairs (135 steps) descending to the valley floor.  A seat is placed at the halfway mark giving you a chance to enjoy the view.  After the descent you cross Florence Creek on a walkway over a tranquil stretch of water flowing through the rainforest.

A short walk takes you to the entry point into the plunge pool.  Swimming is allowed year round except during times of flooding.  You can then return to the car park via the plunge pool walk or take the Shady Creek walk back to the car park.  Toilets are provided in the car park.

Shady Creek Walk:  900 metres one way.  20 minute walk - plunge pool to car park - without stops.

A short distance from the plunge pool walk is the start of the Shady Creek walk.  You follow a small stream as it travels down from the secondary plateau through a rainforest-filled gorge. This path follows the creek as you walk up to the plateau, crossing the creek several times on footbridges, then through the woodlands back to Florence Creek, crossing back from the falls.  One of the features of this walk is the stand of clumping palm (Hydriastele Wendlandiana) along the creek. This palm is only found in a few locations across the Top End.  As you cross Florence Creek you come across a picnic area spread along the creek.

An attractive area to take a break and relax with the sound of the creek as it flows past.  It is then a short stroll to the car park.  

Buley Rockhole Walk: 1.7 km one way.  30 minute walk - Florence Falls picnic area to Buley Rockhole without stops.

This walk starts at the point where Shady Creek walk crosses Florence Creek and follows Florence Creek as it flows across the secondary plateau from its source at the base of the primary plateau.

The grade of this walk is easy buy not as formal as the Shady Creek walk.  In places it can be rocky underfoot and you may have to walk through shallow water during the wet season.  About halfway along the walk you hear the sound of falling water in the creek.  A path leads to the creek and a small waterfall, with a pleasant place to sit on the rocks and enjoy this woodland area.  

Return back to the walk and continue onto Buley Rockhole.  You will know when you have reached Buley

Rockhole as you come to a more formal paved path leading to the creek.

Buley is a series of rock holes in the creek as it cascades down a hillside.  Florence Creek is spring fed and has a good flow of water year round.  Swimming is allowed year round except in times of flooding.  A short walk from the creek is the car park at Buley Rockhole.

Florence Falls