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Walker Creek

This creek flows out of the northern slopes of the Tabletop Range. A walk follows the creek up towards the secondary plateau for 1.8 kilometres. Eight camping sites have been established along the creek at suitable rock holes. A toilet is provided near campsite 6. Swimming is allowed at the campsites. Even if you are not camping this is a great walk with its many swimming spots along the creek. Camp fees apply when camping in this area. You can spend from 3 hours to a full day here.

Walker Creek Walk: 1.8km one way. 3.6km return. 2 hours return. Moderate

Starting from the car park the walk follows the creek for 600 metres to the first camp site at Rocky Falls. Camp sites at swimming holes have been established approximately every 200 metres along the creek. A toilet is provided on the walk near Campsite 6. A day use area is established at Campsite 6. You may use any of the swimming areas unless people are using the camp site – please respect their privacy. This is one of those places that your normally hear about later from someone who says “did you go to this place - it was the best”. Well now you can be the one to say to fellow travellers down the track that you have been somewhere special. If you are not one of the lucky ones camping here you return to the car park. The picnic area at the car park is under the shade of the trees growing along the creek. A toilet is provided in the car park.


Bamboo Creek

This is one of several abandoned small scale mining operations that were established in the area of the Park after 1870 with the discovery of tin and copper in the region. Bamboo Creek operated from 1906 to 1955 with tin being the mineral mined. Only ruins remain today.

Bamboo Creek Tin Mine Walk: 600 metres car park. 1 hour return

The walk takes you across Bamboo Creek to the old mine site at the base of the Tabletop Range. The walk does a loop around the site starting at the ruins of the stone buildings that were used as living quarters by the miners. In the remaining walls of the main hut you can still see the slits in the wall that they could use to fire on attackers if the need arose. The path then climbs up the hill to the old mine shaft. You are not allowed to enter the shaft. Following the path to two old tanks used to store water for the mill below to process the ore. The path then takes you back down to the ruins of the mill where most of the machinery is still in place including the old engine that was used to run the mill. Sadly over the years people have removed many parts as souvenirs. The path joins back up with the path coming from the car park. Return back to the car park. No toilets at this attraction.