A 'magnetic' attraction

Travelling into Litchfield National Park from Batchelor this is the first major attraction.

There is a formal viewing area from which to view the magnetic termite mounds found throughout this area. 

here are many species of termites in the Park. Most notable are the Meridian termite or as the locals call them ‘Magnetic’ Termite Mounds (Amitermes meridionalis) which produce unusual wedge-shaped mounds aligned in a roughly North-South direction. 

These mounds occur in large numbers on the black soil plains, which become waterlogged in the wet season. They are found only in the general vicinity of the Park, which may be regarded as a stronghold for the species.

The other castle or cathedral type mounds produced by woodland termites, and also occurring in the Park, offer an interesting contrast.  These two species of termites are only two of a variety of mound building species.They are the most visible because of the sheer size of their mounds.

Termite mounds