Photo: Tourism NT

This is one of many smaller creek systems flowing out of the western edge of the Tabletop Range. The origin of the name is not known maybe someone was set upon by green tree ants that make their home in a nest of living leaves on trees and bushes.  Tjaetaba is an area name used by the local aboriginal people. Beside the car park is a well-shaded picnic area.

Tjaetaba Falls Walk: 2.7km return. 90 minutes

This walk is graded as moderate. You do have to walk from the lowlands up to the secondary plateau to reach this waterfall. Tjaetaba is on one of the smaller creek systems in the Park and the flow may stop towards the end of the dry season. With Tjaetaba being a small system, larger tour groups tend not to use this area.

The walk starts from the picnic area. Crossing Green Ant Creek you walk beside the rainforest and over a marshy area on a boardwalk. You cross Green Ant Creek again above the junction with the creek flowing from the waterfall. Once you have crossed the creek you begin to descend the hills to the secondary plateau. This area is the home of a mob of Common Wallaroos, and if you are lucky you may see them going down to the creek for a drink in the morning or evening.

When you reach the top you will come to a set of stone steps leading down to a lookout beside the falls. No swimming is allowed at the base of the falls due to cultural reasons of the local Aboriginal people.

Going back to the walk you continue to the rock holes at the top of the falls. Swimming is allowed here and the views while sitting in the rock holes are normally found on postcards. When you tire of the peace and quiet follow the walk back to the picnic site. Toilets are provided in the picnic area.