Photo: Tourism NT

Wangi Falls is the largest and most popular attraction in the Park, with a large grassed area, toilets and the location of Wangi Falls Café. Access to the plunge pool is easy with steps provided. The name Wangi is recent. The first recorded European naming was by David Lindsay in 1883 while surveying the area, after his youngest daughter Gwendoline. Max Sargent, a member of the family that took up the pastoral lease over this area in 1923 called it Kathleen Falls after his second daughter who was born in 1954 in a nearby stock camp. In 1961 the Townsend family took over the lease and an outstation was built approximately 4 km to the west of the falls and was named Wangi, the local aboriginal name for the area. Visitors to the outstation began to call the falls Wangi and the name has stuck. Swimming is allowed here, but restrictions apply during the wet season once the water reaches a pre-set level. This is due to dangerous water currents and the risk of estuarine crocodiles entering the plunge pool with the increased water levels from the nearby wetlands. The Park rangers will open the pool to swimming once the water level is below the pre-set level, and a survey has been conducted to ensure no estuarine crocodiles have entered the pool during the closure. People spend from 2 hours to a whole day here, the plunge pool being a great place to relax and read a book or just enjoy the scenery.

Wangi Falls